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Combining Static Resources

April 17, 2013

I was off on the ’net looking for utilities to help me combine JS files, CSS files, etc. And hey, maybe something that would integrate with a build system? I must have spent more than 15 minutes, straying off into YUI Compressors and such, before realizing what an idiot I was. I already had everything I needed.

cat x.js y.js z.js > combined.js

I wonder why we sometimes forget our basic tools and think we need something big. Here’s a way to add comments to a multi-line concatenation:

cat base.css    `: Skeleton` \
    skeleton.css `: Skeleton` \
    layout.css   `: Skeleton` \
    syntax.css   `: Pandoc` \
    local.css    `: Henri` \
  > ../combined.css

And of course it integrates with a build system.