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Downvoting, Mastery Level

May 15, 2013

I love being wrong because it means I learned something. me, as often as possible

I wrote a piece about inadvertently bringing F/OSS into Enterprise via JavaScript libraries. The piece seemed well received and drew comments about Linux and such but not about JavaScript. Once the comments came the downvotes came. I realized the piece wasn’t that well articulated but were the downvotes because Windows folks were reacting to the comments made by Linux folks? Or simply because the writing was just plain bad? I’ve drawn my own conclusion and am working on it but…

I wrote a piece describing a feeling about photography. I posted it and was promptly schooled. The comment struck me because I realized I had an idea but hadn’t thought it through and, well, it showed I really didn’t know what the heck I was talking about. So thank you. Now I have things I can work on, your ideas are peer-approved and I’ll stop noisy-ing up your neighborhood with silly ideas.

Writing forces you to work ideas through whereas simply up or downwoting is a reaction - like rolling up the car window if you don’t like the noise from the car next to you. It’ll work but it doesn’t make me go away any faster than ignoring me.

Downvoting Samples

You don’t like this post? Here is a template to respond with:

We already have guidelines: This is a tired subject. Please stop beating the dead horse.


We are not here for your education. Please buy a book or go back to school. blogspam. You are whining like a Boss.

Like a Boss

If you can go further, work your feeling through and put out one true sentence. Not for this post, of course, but keep the idea in mind for another time. Do it like that photog did for me on Reddit. Wherever you go on the inter or even intrawebs. Please, please, please, downvote me into oblivion! But but give us something to read along the way.