Work for Pizza



April 9, 2013

Sometimes a good read reminds you of another. Or maybe I’m just searching for patterns. Either way, here are some links to some good reads.

The Superhero

The superhero with the weakness is always our favorite. Batman, say? I love reading The Bipolar Lisp Programmer. Recently I read about The Free Electron and the one made me think of the other.

The Missing Mirror

I can’t find it right now but I read an article about the engineer who sees the code they’re having to inherit and cries out about how the sky will fall if the code isn’t re-written immediately. I know that guy. And who hasn’t been that guy? The fun thing the article describes is that the engineer doesn’t recognize that when they eventually move on an engineer filling in behind them is going to look at their re-written code and have the same reaction. In that respect we’re really not self-aware. There’s a word for it, I’m sure. That behavior reminded me of our ability to evaluate programming languages and know when we’re looking down the power continuum but when we look up the power continuum we don’t recognize it and think we’re just looking around. From Beating the Averages.